March 8, 2022

New Yorkers for Affordable Energy released the following statement in response to today’s planned “$15 Billion Before It’s Too Late” rally in Albany. The statement should be attributed to Michelle Hook, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Affordable Energy:

“NY Renews is not interested in sound energy policy, or the fact that New Yorkers already pay some of the highest utility bills in the country. Today, they will storm the Capitol to demand $15 billion in the state budget for measures already being addressed by the CLCPA – a law they take credit for passing. At a time when energy costs are spiking, NY Renews also makes no mention of how the state is going to pay for it because they know that cost will ultimately fall on the shoulders of taxpayers. NY Renews’ demands are completely divorced from reality; they don’t care about possible blackouts or rising energy costs, and their proposals directly harm the low-income New Yorkers they claim to represent. It’s time for state lawmakers to take a rational approach to energy policy – one that will ensure the lights stay on, and energy prices stay affordable for all New Yorkers.” 

New Yorkers for Affordable Energy is a coalition of community, labor, business and industry leaders from across the state who support greater access to clean, reliable and affordable sources of energy for residential and business consumers. We understand the important role that natural gas plays in our everyday lives, from heating and cooling our homes to powering our communities. As demand for energy continues to grow, New Yorkers for Affordable Energy supports efforts to increase access to natural gas for manufacturing facilities, power production, transportation, and to serve as a catalyst for job growth and support New York’s economy and quality of life.