Op-Ed | We need to fix energy problems without harming New Yorkers in the process

March 22, 2023

Heather Briccetti Mulligan | March 15, 2023 It’s clear that we live in a highly polarized society but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that there are some points where many of us agree. For starters, climate change is an issue that affects every single person, family, community, and company. I don’t believe you […]


March 1, 2023

Polling from The Siena College Research for New Yorkers for Affordable Energy Shows Cost Concerns Weigh Heavily on New Yorker’s Minds Most New Yorkers are Not Familiar with the State’s Proposed Climate Policies, Strongly Support Keeping Natural Gas as Part of the Energy & Heating Mix, and Oppose Cost Increases Upstate New York Voters, Particularly Those […]

New York’s risky all-or-nothing energy policy

October 18, 2022

Michelle Hook | October 17, 2022 Last month, Gov. Hochul warned New Yorkers that home heating and energy prices are expected to skyrocket this winter, while also asking that utility companies take steps to prepare for a lack of available natural gas. The announcement tacitly acknowledges that this winter, New York will need to burn higher-emitting fossil […]

New Yorkers at risk of freezing thanks to City Council bid to kill off vital National Grid upgrade

September 28, 2022

Bryan Grimaldi | September 20, 2022 This week the New York Public Service Commission is holding public hearings on National Grid’s proposal to add two state-of-the-art, high-efficiency vaporizers to the Greenpoint Energy Center. This will allow us to meet existing customer demand for heat on the coldest days of the year while reducing the facility’s […]

Op-ed: A diversified, hybrid approach is the best way to meet emissions goals

August 15, 2022

Philip DeCicco | July 06, 2022 Last week a representative of the Sane Energy Project and No North Brooklyn Pipeline penned an opinion piece for Crain’s that leveled numerous bad-faith attacks against National Grid’s plan for an equitable clean energy transition in New York. Without evidence, the piece claimed National Grid stands in the way of New […]

Another Voice: Aggressive climate measures in New York won’t make a dent

August 15, 2022

Michelle Hook | Jun 17, 2022 How much does it cost and what are we paying for? It’s the minimum level of transparency we expect our government to provide. But when it comes to New York’s climate law – the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, or CLCPA – Albany must do better. Passed in […]

Editorial: New York journeying into darkness as statewide energy issues loom

May 5, 2022

Post Editorial Board | May 4, 2022 The state Department of Environmental Conservation needs to make the right call ona crucial liquefied-natural-gas project, or New Yorkers will be out in the cold.  Literally.  The DEC has until Friday to issue permits for two new LNG vaporizers at a National Grid facility in Brooklyn, to back […]

Op-Ed | Good energy policy protects good union jobs

May 5, 2022

Constance Bradley, President of TWU Local 101 | May 4, 2022 For years the State of New York has constrained natural gas supply to the City of New York under the misguided belief that the state’s nation-leading climate law, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, CLCPA for short, required it. Advocates in 2019 opposed […]

Editorial — More input needed: State’s Climate Action Council must listen to concerns of critics

May 4, 2022

Livingston County News | May 4, 2022 New York has some very ambitious goals for its long-term energy usage. The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act passed in 2019 set the bar for green power. This law mandates that the state obtain at least 70% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. In addition, […]

Climate zealots vs. N.Y. homeowners and workers

May 2, 2022

John Samuelsen and Constance Bradley | May 02, 2022 A draft proposal to cut greenhouse emissions would be a job-killing disaster that also will zap residents and homeowners with sky-high energy costs. The proposal, drafted by the state’s Climate Action Council created under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, recommends dozens upon dozens of regulations […]